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Carolyn Clarke, CYKT, can help your Girl Scout troop earn badges! Whether you are interested in a one-meeting yoga class or an ongoing session, Carolyn can facilitate a YogaKids class to meet your individual group needs. Here are just some of the ways YogaKids can fit in your troop meetings based on what you are doing in your troop:

Daisy- Red Petal “Strength and Courage”-
We will talk about keeping our bodies strong with fun and active yoga poses.

Brownie- My Body “Try-It”-
We will learn about anatomy while doing fun yoga poses and seeing our muscles and bones in action.

Junior- Stress Less Badge-
We will practice breathing, stretches, and relaxation poses to learn how to handle stress. We’ll also do an art project to help us stress less. Troop leaders will learn techniques to help them too!

From Stress to Success Interest Project-
We’ll learn breathing techniques and stretches to relax the body. We will learn about reflexology and massage, and we’ll do lots of yoga poses too.

Age Level: All
Fees: $10 per girl, minimum 10 girls
Date: By appointment
Time: 45 minutes-1 hour
Place: Your troop meeting location

Girl Scout Yoga Class

Carolyn will join your Girl Scout meeting and teach a fun and relaxing yoga class for your troop in the San Diego, CA area.  

Yoga for up to 10 girls. Extra participants are $10 each, which can be paid the day of the troop event.

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The girls will love it! Here's what other Girl Scouts have said:

"Very relaxed and very fun.Thank you for the yoga class"
"A really fun learning experience. It made me calm"
"I liked it because it made me relaxed."
"I wanted to get relaxed and get all the stress out of me. I loved it! I hope I can do it again."
"I love the instructor, Carolyn. She ROX!"

Here are what Troop Leaders are saying about the class:

"Very relaxing techniques were taught- great introduction to yoga and why it is a valuable exercise tool."
"Yoga is such a calming activity and the girls could remember the poses since they're named after animals."
"My favorite part of this event was integrating the yoga postures into the kids' frame of reference (using kids' terminology to explain the poses)."
"Very relaxing; the girls were interested throughout the whole time."
"Fun; informative; skills you can use your whole life."