Pumpkin Spice Yoga Lesson Plan

Pumpkin Spice Yoga For Kids

If pumpkin spice lattes, muffins, and ice cream aren’t enough, now there is Pumpkin Spice Yoga for Kids! I love using mini-pumpkins as a fun prop for kid’s yoga. They are an inexpensive and natural way to spice up (sorry, couldn't resist!) your class. Look for ones that have short stems.


Here’s how:


-Set up mats in a circle with a pumpkin on each mat. Write your name on the bottom of your pumpkin. (Or write it for them ahead of time). Give a few sprays of a spicy essential oil- like cinnamon or clove (always check for allergies). Now you have your Pumpkin Spice!


-Pumpkin Gazing-


Look at your pumpkin. Notice the color, the shape. Take 5 deep breaths staring only at your pumpkin.


-Pumpkin Pie-


Sitting down, put your legs in a “V”. Put your pumpkin on the floor in the middle of the “V”. Reach your arms up, and over your legs reaching for your feet. Take a deep breath in and out while in the oven. Ding! It is done!


-Pumpkin on the Table-


Balance your pumpkin on your back (or belly) depending on which version of Table you are doing. Or, try both!


-Pumpkin Seed-


Curl up into child’s pose and hide your pumpkin underneath you (tucked under your body, arms, wherever you have room to hide it.) Imagine you are a seed planted in the soil. The rain comes and gives your seed water, now it gives it sun. Let your seed sprout! Hold onto your pumpkin and “sprout” your arms up. Come onto your knees and lift your arms high in the air holding your pumpkin.


-Pumpkin Salutations-


Namaste Pumpkin- Stand up in Mountain and bring hands and pumpkin to your chest.


Flying Pumpkin- Reach your pumpkin up to the sky.


Plant a Pumpkin- Bring your pumpkin to the ground (hinging at your hips). Set it down.


Pumpkin Lunge- Step one foot back into a lunge (your pumpkin is cheering you on!).


Lizard Smells a Pumpkin- Stretch back one leg, and then the other for Plank Pose. Stick your lizard tongue out and smell your pumpkin.


Snake Smells a Pumpkin- Drop your knees down, legs straighten and chest lifts up for Cobra Pose. Smell that pumpkin with your SSSSSSSSsnake tongue!


Dog Smells a Pumpkin- Press back into Downward Facing Dog and imagine that you are a puppy dog smelling the pumpkin. Dogs love to sniff and smell everything!


Pumpkin Lunge- Step one foot forward into a lunge (your pumpkin is cheering you on!).


Pick a Pumpkin- Step one foot and then the other into Standing Forward Fold. Pick your pumpkin up off the earth.


Flying Pumpkin- Bring your pumpkin up to the sky.


Namaste Pumpkin- Bring your pumpkin to your heart.


Repeat on the other side


-Pumpkin Patch


Put your pumpkins in the center of the circle. Practice some balancing poses while focusing on your pumpkin.



Warrior 3

Eagle Pose

Use more balancing poses if time permitting


-Pick Your Pumpkin


Crab walk to your pumpkin, pick your pumpkin, and then table walk back to your mat with your pumpkin on your belly.


-Pumpkin Toes


Lie on your back and hold your pumpkin up in the air with your feet.


-Pumpkin Breathing


Lie on your back and put your pumpkin on your belly.


-Pumpkin Relaxation

This is a version of the "Planting a Seed" story in  Imaginations. You could also use "A Fall Day" from  Imaginations 2 if you are using this lesson to celebrate fall.

Imagine that you have a magical seed in your hands.

Whisper a secret to the seed.

Tell it you’d like it to grow into a pumpkin.

Now dig a hole in the ground.

Plant your seed in the hole and cover it with dirt.

Imagine that it starts to rain.

Water slowly soaks into the soil.

Now the sun comes out and shines brightly on the garden.

You start to see a tiny sprout poke up out of the soil.

Tangled roots grow down into the ground.

And the seed grows

And grows…

And grows…

And grows into a beautiful pumpkin.

What color is your pumpkin?

What shape is your pumpkin?

What is special about your pumpkin?

Enjoy looking at your beautiful pumpkin.



Pumpkin Craft-


Decorate your mini-pumpkin.  Choose from any of the suggested materials:



Markers (need to be permanent so they will write)

Glitter glue


I hope you LOVE using mini-pumpkins as much as I do! Have other ideas for using them in yoga classes? Share them in the comments section below.



Carolyn Clarke

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