Kids Yoga Business Tools Review and Giveaway

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Ah… Summer… My class schedule slows down, and I finally have time to focus on my teaching and writing business. I schedule time to reflect on my business, create and write new products, and market my services. Two fabulous tools that I rely on for this are The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers by Jodi Komitor and The Biz of Kids Yoga (“TBOKY”) Online Course. I re-read the book, and review my notes from the TBOKY course. Then, I evaluate what I am currently doing well, set goals for improving areas of my business that need work, and get started! This process has helped me to write a second book (Imaginations 2), post more frequently on this blog, and have a more consistent social media presence. 

I’m so excited to be offering you, my dear readers, the chance to win one of these tools in June! They have both helped me gain clarity and focus in my business, and I think you will find them as helpful as I have. I consider the TBOKY course and the guidebook like taking your kids yoga business to a yoga class. Your business comes out relaxed, refreshed, and focused!

Enter the giveaway here for a chance to win either a “seat” in The Biz of Kids Yoga 8-week Online Course or The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers by June 30th at 11:59 PM PST!


The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers


The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers is a 39-page PDF booklet filled with practical marketing tools specific for Kids Yoga Teachers.

Things I Love About It:

1. It is specifically for Kids Yoga Teachers! 
There is so much marketing advice out there, but you have to hunt and peck for information that applies to our industry. How wonderful to have a resource like this, just for us!

2. It is well organized.

There are clear sections relevant to any kids yoga instructor, regardless of how long you have been teaching. Traditional marketing (like flyers and business cards) as well as online and social media marketing are covered. She also explains that you are “marketing” just by connecting with your community and being your own fabulous you.

3. Each section has a Take Action box.
These boxes give specific ways to put the marketing ideas into work for your own teaching business. This is where the magic happens, when you take her ideas and use them to reflect on your own marketing.

4. It is written by a leader in the kids yoga industry.
Jodi has been teaching for years, and she has one of the most successful kids yoga businesses out there. How lucky that we can learn her secrets to success.

5. It compliments and reinforces the Biz of Kids Yoga (TBOKY) course that Jodi also provides.
I took TBOKY a year ago, and it is nice to have this guidebook as a refresher on the ideas shared in that course.

Price: $49.97

Purchase and more info here.

The Biz of Kids Yoga 8-week Online Course


The Biz of Kids Yoga™ (aka TBoKY) is an 8 week online course where you join together with other Kid Yogi-preneurs to learn specialized business education that will take your offerings to the next level.

Things I Love About It:

This class was previously reviewed here

In summary, I loved that it was based on the experience of a kids yoga teacher, well-organized, collaborative, convenient, and open-ended. It was like taking my business to a yoga class.

Price: $297

Purchase and Find More Info:

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway here for a chance to win either a “seat” in The Biz of Kids Yoga 8-week Online Course or The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers by June 30th at 11:59 PM PST! Winners will also receive a copy of Imaginations 2.


Gaiam’s Yoga for Kids DVDs with Jodi Komitor (Review and Giveaway)

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Earlier this month, I posted “10 Ways to Help Kids with Stress” here in honor of Stress Awareness Month. One of those things was yoga! (Of course!) An easy way to introduce kids to yoga is through a DVD.

I am so excited to introduce Gaiam’s Yoga for Kids Dino-Mite Adventure and Outer Space Blastoff DVDs with Jodi Komitor. These videos are creative, relaxing, and fun. I love that the themes of dinosaurs and outer space coordinate perfectly with two of my relaxation stories, “A Trip in Your Spaceship” from Imaginations and “Dinosaur Friend” from Imaginations 2! (Be sure to enter the giveaway to win these kids yoga resources!)

Each DVD has 4 yoga practice sections, each approximately 15 minutes. I love that the DVDs are divided into these mini-sessions which include warmups, active poses, and relaxation time. This makes it easy to integrate the DVD into a classroom or home routine with little “bites” of yoga. Of course, kids will probably want to do more than one section since they are such fun!

The DVDs are geared towards kids ages 5 and up, and I have found that this age group LOVES kids yoga classes with dinosaur or outer space themes. What kid doesn’t romp around like a dinosaur or blast off into space? Gaiam and Jodi clearly know their audience.

The background sets are colorful and fun, and there are kids doing the yoga poses along with Jodi. Her instructions are clear, and she is able to not only teach the kids, but also interact with the DVD audience.

Here are the sections of each video and a few of the yoga poses they include:

Gaiam’s Yoga for Kids Dino-Mite Adventure with Jodi Komitor


Baby Brontosaurus

Kids start off as an egg and transform into a baby dinosaur.  (Poses: Child, Extended Cat, Dog, Volcano, Sun Salutations, Savasana, and more.)

Dino-Mite Yoga

Kids become a series of different dinosaurs. (Poses: Dog, Leg Kicks, Standing Wide Angle, Extended Mountain, Savasana, and more.)

Dino Dig

Kids dig for fossils and stretch after their hard work. (Poses: Butterfly, Child, Thread the Needle, Dog, Table, Savasana, and more.)

Bonus: Dino Duo

Kids do fun partner poses with a friend or parent at home. (Poses: Dog, Cat/Cow, Moutain, and more.)

Gaiam’s Yoga for Kids Outer Space Blast off with Jodi Komitor

Outer Space Blastoff

Kids get ready for their outer space adventure by putting on a space suit and blasting off into space. (Poses: Cat/Cow, Sun Salutations, and more.)

Solar System Yoga

Kids take a tour of the different planets.  (Poses: Down Dog, Plank, Volcano, Warrior 2, Side Plank, Happy Baby, and Savasana and more.)

Out of this World

Kids say affirmations while doing outer space inspired poses.  (Poses: Cat/Cow, Down Dog, Plank, Upward Dog, Sun Salutations, Warrior 2, Savasana and more with affirmations, “I am smart! I am healthy! I am flexible! I am strong!”.)

Bonus: Space Balance Balls

Kids do yoga poses on Balance Balls.  (Poses: Chair, Star, Plank, and more.)

Gaiam’s Yoga for Kids Dino-Mite Adventure and Outer Space Blastoff DVDs with Jodi Komitor are a great combination of learning, fun, and yoga! Jodi transports kids with their imaginations using dinosaur and outer space poses and activities.  These videos are must-haves for any parent or teacher wishing to share yoga with kids.

Price: $14.98

Find them here and here.

Find out more about Jodi Komitor and Next Generation Yoga here.

For a chance to win a DVD and an Imaginations book, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here.

One winner will receive:

Gaiam’s Yoga for Kids Outer Space Blast Off with Jodi Komitor and a copy of Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids.

Another winner will receive:

Gaiam’s Yoga for Kids Dino-Mite Adventure with Jodi Komitor and a copy of Imaginations 2: Relaxation Stories and Guided Imagery for Kids

Enter the giveaway here by 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time April 30, 2015.

Good Morning Yogis Book Review

good morning yogis jpg I love this sweet book on an Ayurvedic morning routine for kids- Good Morning Yogis Big and Small by Cate Stillman. This book will be helpful for teaching kids helpful morning habits, but it will also be a good reminder for adults to have a healthy morning routine other than a shower and a cup of coffee!

The story follows a little girl through her morning routine, and each section talks about one of the following steps:

Going to bed early and waking up early Stretch, Ah, and Om Have a Family Hug Morning Poop Scrape Your Tongue Oil Your Nostrils Stretch Eat a Light Breakfast Play

The pictures are cute, and each section has kid-friendly verbiage on the left, and then a page on the right for adults with more detailed information. I think this is a good way for kids to be interested in the book without having all the factoids get in the way. There are a few recipes, too. I tried the Green Smoothie recipe, and it was delicious.

I sometimes find Ayurveda confusing, so I like the simple, whimsical approach that Good Morning Yogis Big and Small has.


Good Morning Yogis Big and Small by Cate Stillman

It is 8 ½ x 5 ½, 18 pages, and retails for $6. Check out the author's website for bulk deals.

Enter giveaway here.

Carolyn Clarke