Review of Wee Yogis Play CD


Description: A yoga-themed music CD for kids! Each fun song teaches a pose or sequence through music.

The sweet songs on this CD are a perfect companion to a kids yoga class. I use some of the songs on the CD to teach yoga poses. I also play the CD in the background while we color mandalas and work on crafts.  KayLee Smiles has the voice of an angel, and her calming, creative songs are a fun addition to my class. I like that the songs are specifically geared towards yoga, as some children’s music can be too hectic for setting the mood of relaxation.

A few of my favorite songs:

“Cat Cow”– Super fun song for flowing from Cat to Cow. Lots of Meows and Moos to keep it fun. I’ve had this catchy tune stuck in my head all week!

"Proud Warrior”- Great song for flowing from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 and Warrior 3. Beautiful melody, and a fun drum beat.

"Melt Melt Melt"- Nice and relaxing Savasana song.

Price: $9.99, 16 songs on the CD

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Happy yoga-ing!