Relaxation for Kids During the Holidays

Are the holidays feeling hectic? Here are a few things to bring a little relaxation into your home or classroom during these busy December days.

Snow angels

Plop down in the snow (or the sand if you live in SoCal!), and make snow angels. Inhale: Move your arms up over your head and move your legs out. Exhale: Move your arms down and legs in. Look up at the sky, take deep breaths, and feel the joy!

Star drawing with breaths

Hold an imaginary pencil (or a real one), and draw a star in the air (or on paper). Inhale: Draw a line of the star. Exhale: Draw another line of the star. Continue drawing and feel your mind sync with your breath. Ahhh…


With each present you wrap, each card you stamp, take a moment to feel gratitude for the person it is for. Share a funny story, think of a nice thing they’ve done, or just send them some love.  Share this practice with your kids and students.

Cinnamon Stick Breaths

Hold a cinnamon stick to your nose and take deep slow breaths in and out. Smell the holidays!

Yoga Bedtime Story

Try winding down with some yoga at bedtime (or anytime you need to bring the energy down). I love Giselle Shardlow’s Good Night, Animal World.

Relax in Savasana

Try a relaxation story to help kids calm their minds while they settle their bodies in savasana.  As a gift, you can download the Wintertime relaxation story from Imaginations 2 here. (You will need to enter your information into the shopping cart, but there is no charge for the story during December.)


Happy Holidays! Remember to breathe and take in all the moments of this holiday season!

With love,