YogaKids goes to Charleston, SC

I recently got back from a great trip to the East Coast. I taught a Taste of YogaKids workshop at All Saints Lutheran Church in Mt. Pleasant.  There were some wonderful women there to share a day of laughter and yoga as we explored the world of children's yoga.  We went over lots of kids yoga poses and breathing. We also talked about music and book ideas, along with ways to use yoga in the classroom. I was very inspired by these women that attended because they were so enthusiastic and excited about teaching yoga to kids.  It invigorates my own teaching when I am around like-minded folks that are excited and want to do what I am doing too! I was also lucky enough to attend many yoga classes in SC with my first yoga teacher, Laurie Clarke, who also happens to be my Mom! She taught me some advanced pranayama like Agni Sara and Alternate Nostril Breathing while engaging Mulabandha.  Tricky stuff- should keep me busy for a while...  I won't be teaching these to the kiddies, but I will be doing them to increase my own energy to keep up with the kiddies! Now that I've given up caffeine I need all the help I can get...