The Simple Things

Pom Pom 2

The other day I was in a hurry and didn't have time to plan out a full, creative, and exciting lesson plan. As I ran out the door, I grabbed a bag of multi-colored pom-poms that I recently bought at the craft store.  I pulled them out at class- and they created quite a hit! I had so many of them that each child got to pick out their favorite color (they don't usually get to do this if I don't have enough to make everyone happy, so getting to make this choice alone was quite a hit!).  Then we put our pom-poms on the ground and blew on them to make them roll on the floor. They were so excited at how they could get their pom-pom to move.  I sometimes get so wrapped up in lesson planning, that I forget how much kids enjoy the simple things: a $2 bag of pom poms!

Pom Pom 1