Yoga in Italy

I am a bit behind on getting all my posts up on my blog... Went on an amazing yoga retreat in September in Tuscany Italy. We were at Il Borghino villa, outside of Lucca. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Lots of wonderful food, amazing wine, and of course fantastic yoga! I was really able to deepen my own practice and commit to daily yoga. It can always be a challenge to squeeze in my own yoga when I'm focusing on bringing yoga to others, but it is SO important. I was inspired to do some fun Italian themed yoga with my kiddos in class too: Pizza Pose (Sit on floor with your legs open like a wedge of pizza!)

Spaghetti Pose (Wiggle your body, make it loose and floppy like Spaghetti)

Leaning Tower of Pisa (Crescent Moon Pose!)

Making "Grapejuice"

Curl your body up in a ball- we're all bunches of grapes!

Now act like you plucking grapes from the vine- pile them up in the center of your mat

Grape smashing with your feet (Imagine that you are squeezing grapes with your toes- helps stretch out your toe muscles)

Duomo Pose- Lots of cities in Italy have a duomo- Extended Mountain Pose

City Wall Pose- Lots of Italian cities are walled, like Lucca! Join hands as you do various standing poses- Mountain, Tree Pose, Warrior 3, etc

Tree Pose- At the top of a tower in Lucca, there are trees growing!

Have fun with these, and Ciao!!!

Carolyn Clarke