Virtual Trip to India with Flying Carpet Ride Relaxation Story

chai mommas guest postI’ve always wanted to travel to India. Studying yoga for 18 years and teaching it to children for 12 years has made me long to visit its birthplace. I channeled this desire into a sensory experience that I use in my yoga classes to teach kids about yoga’s origin. You, too, may find it helpful if you want your kids to experience India but can’t afford to hop on a plane with your family. If your kids have been lucky enough to visit India already, this can help them reinforce the memories of that vacation. The virtual trip uses all five senses, and a special Indian-themed guided imagery story at the end will leave your kids relaxed and focused. You can find the full adventure and a brand new relaxation story at this guest post on ChaiMommas:

For some great India themed yoga poses to go along with the adventure, check out this page at Kids Yoga Stories.



Carolyn Clarke