Review of Lalaalu Urban Yogi KidBox

I was recently sent a Lalaalu Urban Yogi KidBox Collection for review. It is an eco-friendly gift box of yoga-themed goodies for toddlers. Curated, themed gift boxes are all the rage, and it’s fun to see one geared towards kids yoga put together by yoga teacher, Elena Brower. Here’s what was in the box:


The Little Yoga Mat

A super-cute yoga mat for kids aged 0-4. It is blue and orange with a sunshine pattern, latex-free, and recyclable. I’m familiar with this brand of kids yoga mats and had planned to invest in some for preschool yoga classes that I teach. I like the lightweight feel of the mat, so it would be easy to lug them to and from classes. Also, they don’t have a stinky “toxic” odor that some new yoga mats have. This is a huge plus when working with kids who are more sensitive to chemicals.

Nature Sounds Growing Minds With Music Twin Sisters CD

Music paired with nature sounds, like the ocean, rain, and wind. I love using nature sounds in my kids yoga classes, and I was very excited to learn of this CD. It is soothing and calm, and adds some nice ambience to kids yoga. I would use it at the end of my yoga class while reading a relaxation story with some guided imagery.

mOmma Straw Cup with Dual Handles

A BPA free cup that transforms from a bottle to a sippy cup. Although this isn’t a specific yoga product, it would be helpful during yoga sessions with young ones. It’s nice to have water nearby in a cup that won’t spill.


Organic drink boxes from Orgain Healthy Kids and Nurturmeals Quinoa packs. I don’t often incorporate food in my yoga classes, but these organic products are good to know about for future summer camps or extended classes where I need to provide a snack.


The only thing I wish the box included was something instructional about kids yoga- a book, a DVD, or a game. While this box would be a perfect gift for a parent that already knows some yoga, and wants to include their child in their home practice, it would be difficult for a parent that is new to yoga to get started with their child. Overall, I think that this is a box is a great  collection of wellness and relaxation goodies for toddlers, especially those with yogi parents.

Lalaalu also offers boxes for older kids (which include yoga games), and babies too. See them all and access an exclusive sale at this link thru Sept. 21st, and use the code LLLPERKS for free shipping:

Note:  I was sent a free Yogi KidBox for the purpose of writing an honest review.



Carolyn Clarke