YogaKids of San Diego is proud to unveil!

I'm super excited to announce, a new online children's boutique ! It's been a big project creating an e-commerce site, but we are up and running! Here are some of the great things you can find at the young yogi:

1. Natural Rubber Kid-Sized Yoga Mats! 2. Relaxation Eye Pillows! 3. Fun Music for Yoga Practice! 4. The Yoga Garden Game! 5. YogaKids Silly to Calm DVD!

For your child's elementary or preschool teacher:

1. YogaKids Toolkit (Yoga flashcards for the classroom) 2. The Silly to Calm DVD for rainy days (ages 3-6) 3. Fun Music for the Classroom

I know that many people's holiday shopping budget's are tight, so each gift needs to be that much more meaningful and special.  Kids are feeling the stress of the times right now, too, and yoga inspired toys combine play AND relaxation, two things great for kids! Why not give kids the gift of well-being through yoga!

So start shopping at!