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good morning yogis jpg The winner will receive a copy of Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids and Good Morning Yogis by Cate Stillman.

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Good Morning Yogis Book Review

good morning yogis jpg I love this sweet book on an Ayurvedic morning routine for kids- Good Morning Yogis Big and Small by Cate Stillman. This book will be helpful for teaching kids helpful morning habits, but it will also be a good reminder for adults to have a healthy morning routine other than a shower and a cup of coffee!

The story follows a little girl through her morning routine, and each section talks about one of the following steps:

Going to bed early and waking up early Stretch, Ah, and Om Have a Family Hug Morning Poop Scrape Your Tongue Oil Your Nostrils Stretch Eat a Light Breakfast Play

The pictures are cute, and each section has kid-friendly verbiage on the left, and then a page on the right for adults with more detailed information. I think this is a good way for kids to be interested in the book without having all the factoids get in the way. There are a few recipes, too. I tried the Green Smoothie recipe, and it was delicious.

I sometimes find Ayurveda confusing, so I like the simple, whimsical approach that Good Morning Yogis Big and Small has.


Good Morning Yogis Big and Small by Cate Stillman

It is 8 ½ x 5 ½, 18 pages, and retails for $6. Check out the author's website for bulk deals.

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Garden Theme

GardenToday we planted a garden in yoga... I gave each child a magical pretend seed to plant in the ground. This magical seed can grow in just a few minutes!

Then each child became a seed in Child's Pose. I gave each "seed" a spritz of water with my spray bottle, and then out came the sun and we grew and grew. Each child got a turn telling me what they grew into- here are some of the amazing things we had in our garden:

Purple Flower




Ava Flower

Corn plant

Tajar Tracks

This magical garden was planted to the song, Inch by Inch/Garden Song from the Tajar Tracks album with DEBBIE DEBORD WITH SOL DRIVEN TRAIN AND GWYNN VALLEY CAMPERS. You can listen to it and buy it here:

We also were different critters that you'd find in a garden- Ladybugs, Bumblebees, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Turtles, and Birds.

If we'd had more time we could have planted actual seeds in a cup, or walked partners around in Wheelbarrow! Next time...

Serendipitous moment of the day: I was lucky enough to receive a gift of a cucumber and a bell pepper from the school's actual backyard garden!


Yoga and Nutrition- Eating a Rainbow

 45820818rainbowsmall.jpg Last week I taught a fun class that integrated yoga and nutrition. We did rainbow pose (Side Plank) and then talked about how your body needs to "eat a rainbow". Eating a rainbow means eating fruits and vegetables from all the color groups (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White too). We talked about what colors we had already eaten, and we brainstormed some fruits and veggies for all the different colors. I think it is a great way to eat well- too often we focus on the negative and the things we "shouldn't" or "can't" eat. Instead thinking about the abundant fruits and veggies that we should eat! Lots of fun, and really made me thing about eating a rainbow myself... I just never seem to be able to eat enough blue! I need to stock up on some blueberries.